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The Unión de Productores de Caprino (Union of Goat Producers) is a cooperative company. Made up of more than 600 livestock-breeding members, its work consists of marketing its products at home and abroad, as well as diversifying its activity with other projects, such as the manufacture of formulated feed for goat milk.

It began its activity in 2014 led by professionals and companies with broad experience in sustainability and the low carbon economy. The main aim of the foundation is to promote training, dissemination, demonstrations, advice, financing, consultation and integral management, based on the low carbon economic model.

It is the only Spanish technical university which appears on the lists of the most important universities in the world. It is among the top five Spanish universities with the highest income for both public research and knowledge transfer activities and is a national leader in patent licence income and start-up creation.

AIRATEC BIOMASS is a company in the ​​recovery and recycling field with experience in the production, distribution and sale of biomass and animal feed.

The Unió (Union) is a professional farming organization set up in 1977 in order to defend the interests of farmers and livestock breeders in the Valencian Community. It currently consists of more than 18,000 members, 60 employees and more than 40 offices distributed throughout the three provinces within the community.

Area Europa is a cooperative made up of technicians and consultants active in the sectors of environmental management and cultural development. This organization provides entrepreneurial consultancy services such as plans for business, development and innovation, as well as assistance services for the management of European, regional and national projects.

The Town Council of La Vall d’Uixó is a local public law entity, located in the Valencian Community, 6 km from the Mediterranean coast and 45 km from the city of Valencia. The most important economic sectors are commerce, services and industry, mainly in the traditional agro-food industry.

The Devesa-Albufera Service of Valencia City Council has experience in projects related to rice straw, ranging from control of its burning to prevent negative effects on neighbouring populations, to LIFE projects such as Biocompost and ECORICE, whose purpose has been to prevent the burning of straw and promote its recovery.

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