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The project contributes to a transition towards an economy which is efficient in terms of the use of resources, low carbon and climate resilience, as one of the climate objectives pursued by the LIFE programme.

Life Low Carbon Feed employs new methods and innovative practices to achieve the effective recovery of agricultural, citrus and rice waste and turn it into new animal feed capable of reducing CH4 emissions in ruminants, thus mitigating climate change related to agriculture and livestock breeding.

Demonstrate the technical-economic viability of the production of new food, based on citrus waste and rice straw, capable of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Demonstrate the nutritional features and environmental benefits and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by means of the use of LCFeed.
Acceptance among customers and viability set against its competitors in terms of quality and price.
The LCFeed project forms part of the Climate Action Sub-Programme, increasing the productivity of land use in a sustainable manner.
Develop a strategy to export the project to other European countries.
Circulation of the results of the project among the different stakeholders and society to increase awareness.

“The Life Low Carbon Feed programme seeks to develop innovative feed based on recycled agricultural waste and to reduce CH4 emissions”

Life Low Carbon Feed

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