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Low Carbon Feed se cuela en las clases del curso “Ganadería extensiva y escuela de pastores”
17 of December of 2018

During April and May, Animal Science Department from Universitat Politècnica de València, explained to the 30 students from “Ganadería extensiva y escuela de pastores” (Extensive cattle raising and shepherd school” project LIFE Carbon Feed as a practical example of subproducts in animal feed and like an alternative to traditional feeds.

Agricultural waste from citric pruning and rice straw are reconverted in goat feed with a lot of benefits in green-house effect gases by avoiding their burnt and in an increase of ruminants digestion. 

Universidad Politécnica de València (UPV) by technicial Ion Pérez Baena, informed new shephers about extensive cattle raising, animal physiology, alimentation, hygiene, health and wellness, handling, herd organization and management, and manufacture of derivative products. 

In this cases, project LIFE Carbon Feed is very useful and gives a competitive advantage in this economical sector.

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