Calendar Life Low Carbon Feed



Name of the action Time
A. Preparatory actions (if needed).  
A.1 Preparatory actions for the demonstration phase. Q1
C. Implementation actions (obligatory).  
C.1 Demonstration and validation of the logistics for the collection and transport of the citrus and rice waste. Q2 - Q5
C.2 Formulation, manufacture and validation of the animal feed for goats in pellet format. Q2 - Q5
C.3 LOWCARBON FEED demonstration. Feeding of goats with fodder from waste with environmental benefits in terms of climate change mitigation. Q3 - Q9
C.4 LOWCARBON FEED sustainability plan. Q6 - Q9
C.5 Creation and implementation of multi-purpose policies based on these results Q8 - Q10  
C.6 Replicability and Transferability Plan Q7 - Q11  
D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (obligatory)  
D.1 LIFE Performance indicators Q1 - Q12  
D.2 Life Cycle Analysis Q1 - Q10 
D.3 Socio-economic Impact Q1 - Q10  
E. Communications and dissemination of results (obligatory)   
E.1 Website, social media and other communication materials Q1 - Q12
E2. Layman report for effective dissemination of the project results Q11 - Q12  
E.3 Information panels, roll-ups and brochures to raise public awareness Q1-Q2-Q4-Q6-Q8-Q10-Q12  
E4. Networking with other European Union projects and dissemination among the general public Q1 - Q12  
E.5 Presence in the media and publications and participation in/ organization of conferences Q1-Q3-Q5-Q8-Q9-Q10-Q11-Q12
F. Project management (obligatory)   
F.1 General Project Management Q1 - Q12
F.2 Audit report


F.3 After-LIFE Plan Q11 - Q12 


Q = Quarter

Q1 = July 2017

Q12 = May 2020

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